Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vodafone Ad

After a hiatus, here I am !

Finally, one ad inspires me to immediately pen my thoughts on it !!!
The ad begins with the 'birth' of a may fly. The narrator begins by saying that the may fly has a life-expectancy of just one day. The may fly doesn't feel miserable about it. Instead, "he fills his day with the things he loves". The ad goes on to show how the may fly swoops and glides and savours every moment it has. And then, the narrator ruminates on this and says, probably there's a lesson in this for "us longer-living creatures". He continues, "Just think; if we embrace life like the may fly.... what a life that would be..."

The ad ends with the punchline: "VODAFONE- Make the most of now."

What works for me ?
The whole animation! It is eye-catching and simple; aesthetic and interesting. I especially enjoyed how the may fly plays 'tennis' and tries its hands at juggling. And also how it ends up with its 'life-partner' (if you could call it that!) at the end of the ad. What I liked most about the ad is how it makes you conveys its message beautifully without being didactic. And the punchline: "Make the most of now". Couldn't have said it better !

Rating- *****

[P.S: In the process of searching the net for this video, I realised that this very same ad has been released much earlier in other countries. Here, I shall put the video with an Australian voice over.]