Friday, May 18, 2007


Before you think that I’m high on some yuletide spirit, let me correct you. This is all about jingles….ad jingles, that is! Often many ads remain fresh in your memory just because they had catchy jingles. So often, you end up humming them more than your favourite song! And indeed, they aid brand recall value. So here’s a list of jingles that are at the top of my mind right now.

* Doodh, doodh, doodh ; doodh hai wonderful,
Pee sakte hai roz glass full; doodh, doodh, doodh…..

Garmi mein daalo doodh mein ice,
Doodh ban gaya very nice;
Pee sakte ho once or twice,
Mil jaayega tasty surprise!

Doodh hai must in every season,
Piyo doodh for healthy reason.
Rahoge phir fit and fine;
Jiyoge past ninety-nine!

Charon aur, mach gaya shor
Give me more, give me more
Gimme gimme gimme gimme wonderful doodh
Piyo glass full doodh ! MOOOOO !

(P.S : that was the cow mooing!)

[An ad promoting milk]

* Zandu balm, zandu balm; peeda haari balm,
Sardi, sar dard peeda ko pal mein door kare...
Zandu balm.... zandu balm.

[Zandu balm].

* Vicko Turmeric, nahi cosmetic,
Vicko turmeric ayurvedic cream.

[Vicko turmeric cream]

* Sunday ho yaa Monday, roz khao ande!

[Ad by the National Egg Co-ordination Committee]

* Hamaaara bajaj…hamaara bajaj….

[I think it was the jingle of Bajaj Chetak]

* Zara si hansi, dulaar zara sa,
Amul- the taste of India.

[For the Amul range of products]

* Zarurat hai, zarurat hai, zarurat hai,
Miss mary cooker ki, jo hai kifayathi,
Khaana pakaaye jaldi-jaldi…
Zarurat hai… haan, haan zarurat hai !!!!!

[Miss Mary Pressure cooker]

* Washing powder Nirma.
Doodh-si safedi Nirma se Aaye.
Rangeen kapda bhi khil-khil jaaye.
Sub ki pasand Nirma!
Washing powder Nirma,
Washing powder Nirma. NIRMA!!

[ Nirma washing powder]

* Yehi hai right choice baby…..Aha !
* Yeh dil maange more…
* Nothing official about it…

[Yes….all Pepsi ads !]

* Nigahen nigahon se mila kar toh dekho.
Naye logon se rishta bana kar toh dekho.
Hasratein dil mein dabane se kya haasil hoga,
Apne honth hila kar toh dekho.
Khamoshi se kab hoti hai khwahishein poori,
Dil ki baat bata kar toh dekho.
Jo hai dil mein use kar do bayaan.
Khud ko ek baar jata kar toh dekho
Aasmaan simat jayega tumhare aaghosh mein,
Chahat ki bahein phaila kar toh dekho
Dil ki baat bata kar toh dekho …

[Airtel- not a jingle….but LOVELY words!]

* Chaar bundon-waala…aaahaa…
* Safedi tujhe salaam….

[Both are Ujala ads ]

* Lifebuoy hai jahaan tandurusti hai wahaan….

[Lifebuoy bathing soap]

Malayalam ads:

* Penne ninne sundari aakiyathaaru?
Ninte kinavil thangam pooshiyathaaru?

[P.S: Alukkas Jewellery]

Will add more as and when I think of it....
So long....till then, keep humming !

Sunday, May 13, 2007

MOTOROKR ad featuring Abhishek

This one needs no introduction ! It has managed to capture everyone's imagination.

The ad shows many scenes (whilst shooting) in which AB Jr. finds himself shaking his head and 'singing' his dialogues. Sample this:

Scene 1: When the maa prays for his son to return, a fatigued AB walks in and starts rapping, "Dekho maa main aa gaya; maa, maa, maaa...."

Scene 2: The King calls for a battle (jung) and AB sings, " Jung , jung, jung..."

Scene 3: A very worried wife confesses that the child she's bearing is actually his friend's. And he goes, "nahi, nahi...yeh nahi ho sakta."

Scene 4: A cop is beating him up and compelling him to confess to his stash of diamonds...and our man starts shaking a leg again !!! Cuuuuuttt!!! AB, take a break...
And then the ad reveals why AB can't stop shaking his head....the NEW MOTOROKR !!

And then there is a really catchy jingle which goes,
"Wireless music, stores upto 1500 songs;
Real player, MP3,
Music Addiction from MOTOROKR..."

And the ad closes with AB shaking his head in another scene....
when he's playing the corpse !!!!!


The whole thing is well-scripted, well-executed, and crisp. It shows how addictive music can get; and that too WIRELESS. So no messy wires to ruin your music. Very innovative, and creative, I'd say ! And AB is just rocking, and he carries off the whole thing with aplomb. In short, I'm lovin it! ( to borrow another tag line!).

Rating- *****

Saturday, May 5, 2007

AIG ad

Of late, this ad is my personal favourite.

It opens with a boy helping an old lady carry her groceries back home. The lady then generously(?) offers the child a Rupee. The child then hitches a ride with an ‘uncle’ to his dad’s office. You see a shot of the small kid, lost in the long passages of the office. He takes a peek through the glass to see his dad in a meeting.

He taps on the window to get his dad’s attention. Dad excuses himself from the meeting….worried…. And asks why are you here? The kid gently opens his palm to reveal a shiny one rupee coin! And he adds, meri pehli ‘shalary’ (salary!).

And the ad ends with a voice over “ We appreciate the value of your money”.

(Not exactly a good version; there's a time lag in the audio and video. This is all I could come up with on You Tube!)
Now, what do I like most in this ad?
The kid !!!
It’s a smart strategy. Kids are loved by everyone. And this one’s cute and adorable ; especially when he says “shalary” !! Also the metaphor of the Kid (us) who approaches the Dad (AIG Insurance) with his hard-earned money. And here, the agency ‘appreciates’ the value of ‘our money’... interesting...
Because if you consider a pun on the word ‘appreciate’, it could mean ‘to value or regard highly’ AND ‘to increase in value’. Smart move!

In short, a great ad!

Rating- ****