Sunday, May 13, 2007

MOTOROKR ad featuring Abhishek

This one needs no introduction ! It has managed to capture everyone's imagination.

The ad shows many scenes (whilst shooting) in which AB Jr. finds himself shaking his head and 'singing' his dialogues. Sample this:

Scene 1: When the maa prays for his son to return, a fatigued AB walks in and starts rapping, "Dekho maa main aa gaya; maa, maa, maaa...."

Scene 2: The King calls for a battle (jung) and AB sings, " Jung , jung, jung..."

Scene 3: A very worried wife confesses that the child she's bearing is actually his friend's. And he goes, "nahi, nahi...yeh nahi ho sakta."

Scene 4: A cop is beating him up and compelling him to confess to his stash of diamonds...and our man starts shaking a leg again !!! Cuuuuuttt!!! AB, take a break...
And then the ad reveals why AB can't stop shaking his head....the NEW MOTOROKR !!

And then there is a really catchy jingle which goes,
"Wireless music, stores upto 1500 songs;
Real player, MP3,
Music Addiction from MOTOROKR..."

And the ad closes with AB shaking his head in another scene....
when he's playing the corpse !!!!!


The whole thing is well-scripted, well-executed, and crisp. It shows how addictive music can get; and that too WIRELESS. So no messy wires to ruin your music. Very innovative, and creative, I'd say ! And AB is just rocking, and he carries off the whole thing with aplomb. In short, I'm lovin it! ( to borrow another tag line!).

Rating- *****

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