Friday, April 4, 2008

Utterly, butterly Delicious !

Yes, no one is a stranger to this yummy one-liner which immediately prompts us to smack our lips in anticipation of the very tempting butter !!! And, the Amul girl or Amul baby was here to stay.
It is touted to be the longest running ad campaign ! Thanks to Sylvester DaCunha, we had an adorable mascot for the butter.And later, the Amul ads gained mileage for donning the role of a social observer.And are the ads really satirical ? Well, I don't think so ! The catchy lines injected with the right dose of humour dishes out just a lot of fun. And yes, there is an entire collection from 1976, available online !! On the Amul site ! In fact if one scans through them, one can get an insight into the socio-political fabric of those ages. So what are you waiting for ?

Have a look :
To read on the Amul topical story :
To have a look at the topicals :

I shall leave you with a few samples (so that you might be tempted to have a look!)

On the first test tube baby.

Promoting national integration.

On "Women's Reservation" Bill which created a furore in the Parliament and was stalled- '03.

On the issue of high-level of pesticide residues in colas/soft drinks.

Team India celebrate after winning the inaugural ICC WORLD TWENTY 2007 cricket World Cup in Johannesburg.

CHAKDE! INDIA: the Bollywood movie with focus on women's hockey featuring star-actor Shah Rukh Khan playing coach of the Indian Women's Hockey Team to bring fame to India.

Bollywood film Fanaa release held up in Gujarat due to agitation over star's comments on Narmada Dam Project.

On the ban of Da Vinci Code.

Richard Gere, Hollywood actor and Shilpa Shetty, Bollywood actress in a controversial incident in public at an AIDS function in India.

Indian fast bowler Sreesanth’s aggressive on-field behaviour with Australian batsmen during the second One-day International at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Kochi, India.

Hope that was fun !


Arjun said...

Marvellous..... I loved each and every Ad.... Thanks for the AMul Website information.... I suppose u can also watch Shyam BEnegal's Manthan on AMul Website.

Vinitha said...

Thanks...yet to watch Manthan.
I hope u did check out d story + topicals on d Amul site....

Anonymous said...

I guess my favorite is: "Tendu"... "Ten do not do"

The situation: When Sachin Tendulkar alone scored runs for India, and the rest of the ten in the team were scarecrows!!! The result: India lost almost every match

Year: 1996-'97

Vinitha said...

That's a nice one.

You propensity for cricket explains that choice, I guess !